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100 PT Toploaders (25pcs)

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Our Premium, Ultra Clear toploaders will come packaged in a box containing 25 individual 100 PT Toploaders. This size product will fit most thick stock trading cards (3x4). 

When handling cards of 100 PT size, use with thick card sleeves, and 100 PT Magnetic Card Holders.


100 PT Toploaders fit the following products:

  • Any single color jersey, or memorabilia card from base heavy products
  • Absolute football
  • Illusions Football
  • Topps Triple Threads
  • Panini Certified
  • Panini Prestige
  • Panini Obsidian
  • Panini Phoenix
  • Leaf Ultimate Draft
  • XR


Fits standard stock 35 PT Cards.

3x4 in