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100 PT Magnetic Card Holders (5pcs)

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Our Premium, Ultra Clear, UV Protected Magnetic Card Holders will come packaged in a box containing 5 individually wrapped 100 PT Magnetic Card Holders. This size product will fit most thick stock trading cards (3x4). 

Each Magnetic Card Holder comes wrapped with an easy-to-peel cover. This is to ensure a clear, clean surface to help your cards shine!

When handling cards of 100 PT size, use with thick card sleeves, or 100 PT Toploaders. 

100 PT Toploaders fit the following products:

  • Any single color jersey, or memorabilia card from base heavy products
  • Absolute football
  • Illusions Football
  • Topps Triple Threads
  • Panini Certified
  • Panini Prestige
  • Panini Obsidian
  • Panini Phoenix
  • Leaf Ultimate Draft
  • XR


Fits standard stock 35 PT Cards.

3x4 in